Our Friendly Gardeners

Laura Molloy - Goody Foody Gardener

"My aim is for everyone in the UK to have their own veg patch and the basic skills to grow them."

Laura Molloy

Laura is the Founder of Goody Foody Gardens. As a working mum of 3, she shares the same concerns as most parents; plastic food packaging, too much screen time, getting outdoors, a healthy diet. 

In 2017 she set out to help families like her learn how to grow their own food at home. She launched Goody Foody Gardens in 2020 after a successful Crowdfunder and is still very much on her own learning journey. Everyday is a school day and her aspiration is for every garden in the UK to have a veg patch and for everyone to have the basic skills to grow them.

Judith Stark - Goody Foody Gardens

"At 50 I swapped my office job to do Horticulture at college (and got a distinction). "

Judith Stark

I grew up in a city but spend every holiday at a farm of another branch of my family. They had switched to organic/ bio-dynamic in 1974 - well ahead of the majority. As children we were involved in various ways, helping with harvesting, weeding, scaring the starlings away, planting and cooking! That's how I knew that a tiny seed can provide several meals for a whole family! But also that plants need a little love and care and encouragement and protection to be healthy.

I have gardened whenever I had access to a patch of land, growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. At fifty, I studied Horticulture at college (and got a distinction). My practicum had been with the Krishna Eco Farm in Lesmahagow, famous for their gentle and respectful use of resources. Since then, I have been working within horticulture and meeting keen gardeners every day. 

Fiona Cairns

"I love passing on my knowledge to everyone I meet."

Fiona Cairns

Hi, I am Fiona, I am a self-taught horticulturist, I have grown all my own fruit & vegetables for about the last 10 years, I grow everything from seed,  I always grow something new and unusual every year, I love passing on my knowledge to everyone I meet.

I hope I can encourage you all to grow more of your own and turn them into great sauces, jams & chutneys.

Martin Dazinger

"I find great joy in nurturing crops into fruition and incorporating this into community work."

Martin Danziger

Martin has worked with young people, communities and families across Scotland for over 25 years. He started growing vegetables 10 years ago following major surgery, and as well as being incredibly therapeutic for his own healing, he became hooked by the joy of nurturing nourishing crops to fruition.

Since then he has developed his passion for growing things, incorporating horticultural activities in his community work. 

When not working, Martin is busy working on making his communal tenement garden into a little green haven and working with neighbours young and old to make our green spaces a fruitful and pleasurable space for us all, as well as volunteering with local community gardens and green spaces.

Ready to help you grow your own veg at home