The Gift that Keeps on Growing

Goody Foody Gardens are a fun and easy way for your friends and family to learn how to grow vegetables at home. An expert will install and plant the veggie bed with them, giving them all the materials to get started. Within a matter of weeks they will be harvesting fresh produce from their own garden.

Garden bed as a gift

A truly unique gift

Looking for a gift that is exciting, unique and value for money? A Goody Foody Garden is the answer. Each one is hand-built and planted with the recipient's selection from our range of lovely veg and herbs, to suit their taste.

Grow your own food

Health and well-being

Growing your own fresh veg is an excellent hobby to take up during lockdown. It promotes health and wellbeing. Planting, growing and harvesting your own veg is one of the most satisfying ways to spend your time. 

Happy growing

Fun in the garden

Adults and kids of all ages will love the experience of watching their plants grow. The unspoken joy of watching food grow from plant to plate makes fresh veg taste even better. 

Expert help

Hands-on support 

We’ve all killed our fair share of house plants! Not to worry, everyone with a Goody Foody Garden can ask the experts anything on our WhatsApp group. They can also be booked to maintain your bed with top-ups from our seasonally selected veg range.

“Our Goody Foody Garden order was processed speedily and installed, using correct measures for this time, within a matter of days. We are novices at this and it seems foolproof. We have also been given direct access to a horticulturalist for advice, which in our case, is priceless. We cannot recommend this highly enough!”

—Kirsteen Allen, Glasgow

1. You choose the veg for your friend's garden bed

The new owner will select a date for installation and choose from our range of lovely fresh vegetables and herbs, what they want to go in the Goody Foody Garden bed.

2. We build & deliver your garden bed gift

Our friendly, local gardener delivers and installs the garden bed. They will explain how to keep those beautiful, fresh veggies growing nicely. Every plant comes with growing instructions.

3. Your friend enjoys the freshest veg they can get

Your friend gets to grow and eat fresh, homegrown vegetables. No chemical pesticides, no plastic waste, no hassle.

4. Friendly support to keep them growing

The gardeners keep it topped up with regular maintenance and new plants, while providing tips, support and ideas through our online community of growers. This can be booked separately.

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Got some questions?

Give Laura a call, she’s probably harvesting a batch of nice juicy carrots as we speak but give her a minute and she’ll be happy to call you right back.

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Laura Molloy - Goody Foody Gardener