How to Grow Parsley



Parsley likes sun and partial shade. This versatile herb can be sown as seed but we often plant as a small plug plant into the raised beds.

Sow parsley seeds by placing them directly into fine soil in rows 1cm deep and 30cm apart. Lightly cover the seeds and water in well. When seedlings have true leaves (ignore the first two) thin them so that the plants are to 15cm apart.


Parsley is a biennial - this means it growing cycle is over two years. It does however, get treated as an annual plant because in year two it will go to seed where the leaves can get thick and bitter.

Water parsley regularly especially if it is dry. Pick off the fresh leaves and this will result in new growth. Feed it occasionally with organic liquid seaweed which you can buy in most garden centres. 


Parsley is not very hardy and in the winter becomes very slow growing. This means that if you pick the leaves, rather than it re-growing as normal, it may be killed off. 

If you want to keep picking leaves, you could put it into a pot and bring it indoors. Be careful to dig out the full roots and put it into a deep pot. 

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