How to Grow Beans


If you have a Windowsill Veg Growing Kit - watch the video below for set up instructions.

There are lots of different varieties of beans to grow but they are similar in their growing requirements.

Sow the bean seeds or plugs directly into the place they are to grow from late May. You can sow them earlier in small pots in April and moved to their final positions. To sow in the raised bed, push the seeds about two inches into the soil and water in.



Beans grow in a similar way to peas because they are climbing plants and need to be supported. A simple tripod will do this. To build it, push three garden canes into the soil and tie it together at the top.

Tie in the beans to the tripod as they grow. By tying the main stem to the canes this will encourage the plants to climb up. As they grow they will start to attach themselves.

Feed the beans every few weeks with a multi-purpose vegetable feed. Pods will form behind the flowers.


Some beans are better eaten fresh, like French beans, others, like Borlotti beans are dried to use in winter. For fresh beans pick them regularly to keep new beans growing.

This is how to make your own dried beans; allow the pods to dry out on the plant, them pick them to store. When they are dried the pods will be crispy and the beans rattle inside, they are ready to be shelled to store.

Thinking about growing your own?

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