How to Grow Carrots

How to Grow Carrots in your garden at home


Carrots are an ideal container vegetable and can be left in the ground until they are needed. Plant them into a container with some depth, around 25cm or more for most varieties.

Sow carrots from seeds in their final growing position from April. Repeat this every few weeks throughout the summer to give a succession of later harvests.


Remove stones and debris from the soil. When the carrot grows, if it hits an obstacle, like a stone, it will “fork” this means it will grow in two opposite directions. Carrots prefer light, free draining soil. Sometimes sand is added to improve the texture of the soil for carrots.

Carrot seeds are very tiny so they almost always need to be “thinned out.” This means removing the smaller, weaker seedlings to allow the bigger ones to grow. Thin them out to a spacing of approximately one and half to two inches apart. It is often easier to thin them once, them do it again a few weeks later to get the right spacing.


Pick the carrots from about three to four months after sowing. You will know they are ready when you see the tops of the carrots in the soil. If you are unsure, pull up one carrot, and if they are still small, leave them for a few weeks and try again.

Smaller carrots can be eaten too! Don’t waste them if one or two are pulled up to check them.

If the soil is heavy or they are hard to remove, carefully use a fork to dig them out, as this will avoid damaging the roots.

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