How to Grow Chard

How to grow Chard


Chard is becoming more popular in vegetable gardens because of newer varieties with brightly coloured stems. They look and taste great. 

Sow seeds in little pots, then plants them out into their final positions once they are more established approx. 4 inches tall. The Goody Foody Gardeners supply Chard as small plug plants. Chard is usually planted out into the raised bed from May.


Keep the area around the plants free from weeds and water well during dry spells. Feed it every few weeks throughout the growing season (June to September) with a multi-purpose vegetable feed.

Remove any flower stalks that appear. This will look like a big stem growing through the middle of the leaves. They will look very different from the edible leaves so will be easy to spot.


You can harvest a few leaves regularly as continuous crop, instead of taking the whole plant. This will allow for the plant to grow back and give you more leaves to pick over the season.

Do not harvest more than a third of the plant at any one time to allow it to recover. Pick larger leaves from the outside of the plant rather from the middle.

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