How to Grow Chives



Chives are well suited to the Scottish climate. they can be planted in a windowsill container,  Goody Foody Garden raised bed or just into the ground. Plant it in full sun or partial shade with good drainage.


Chives have gorgeous purple flowers during the summer which the bees love. Remove them after they have flowered to promote fresh growth. 

Chives are a perennial plant which means it will last more than two years.


By the third year they will probably have taken over the whole bed, and you can divide it to make new plants (nice gift for friends!). To divide, simply dig out the roots in full and divide with sharp scissors or spade.

Although it is hardy, it is best not to pick it in winter as the stems won't be able to re-grow. Let it rest and the good news is that in spring it will kick off again and keep on going. Great herb this one! 

Thinking about growing your own?

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