How to Grow Courgettes


Courgettes are a really popular vegetable for home growers as they produce so many courgettes from one plant.

They like warm temperatures and grow quickly so we tend to plant them as single plug plants as late as June. They have large seeds and need the space, so if you are sowing at home, sow one or two seeds per pot. If they both grow remove the smaller of the two plants. Small seedlings are very vulnerable to slugs and snails. Keep them somewhere safe and warm until they are more established. We plant them in large planters with at least 40cm diametre to give them lots of space.

How to grow courgettes


Once they reach a substantial size, approximately 15 inches tall, you can plant them out. If you have received one of our Growing Kits, your plant will be ready to be placed outside in a sheltered spot.

Courgettes are very hungry plants. This means that you should feed them regularly to grow well. Feed weekly with a tomato feed.

Be very careful when watering them so as not to splash water on the leaves. This can cause problems with fungal infections. This is really important!


Pick yoour fresh courgettes when they reach four or five inches or 10cm long. This is when they taste delicate and delicious. 

Check the plant often as they grow very fast. If they are not picked they will end up enormous, but this can spoils the taste.

At the end of the season when the plant is finished, discard it and a grow a new one the following year.

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