BBQ Rosemary

BBQ Rosemary


This unique variety is a fun flavour mix. You will recognise traditional, fragrant and vaguely sweet Rosemary flavour but this is coupled with more than a hint of woodsmoke. Once you start cooking with variety, the wood smoke flavour will come through very strongly!

This fantastic plant is easy to grow but will enjoy being planted in a sunny, free draining position. 


Grow this one in the herb corner of your Goody Foody Garden bed or on a windowsill next to the kitchen door or your BBQ.

Like most plants it will not grow during winter  but it is perennial so will last two or more years so you can enjoy plenty of BBQs! 


Prune the top third of the plant regularly to ensure the plant doesn’t become leggy and woody. Cutting into the hard wood stems is not ideal.

Don't cut it back too much before winter, as it will struggle to re-grow until spring.

Thinking about growing your own?

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