How to Grow Herbs


Mediterranean herbs can be difficult to grow from seed in Scotland so it is often better to grow from small plants.

Plant from well established pots that you can pick up in the garden centre or have them supplied by your Goody Foody Gardener.

Plant them where they are to grow in the raised bed or container.

How to grow herbs


Do not overwater herbs because they are prone to rot if they are wet too long.

Most herbs will come back year after year and this is called “perennial.” You may see them die back over the winter but don't worry because their new shoots will appear in spring.


To harvest your herbs, snip the leaves or stems off as required. Be careful not to take more than a third at one time.

Over winter move them to a drier or more sheltered spot. Put them into a new pot if necessary to move them.

Thinking about growing your own?

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