How to Grow Leeks


Leeks are a great vegetable to grow in a small space, they don’t take up a lot of room when growing.

Sow leeks from seeds in March and April. (We supply leeks as small plug plants.) When young leeks are growing they look like blades of grass. Grow them until the are approximately the thickness of a pencil, or a little smaller, before being transplanted to their final growing position or raised bed.

How to grow leeks


Plant leeks in their final position by digging a hole deep enough to half bury the leek. Push something long and thin into the soil. Then drop  individual leeks into the holes and fill the holes with water. This helps draw the soil back around the leek and gives them a good watering at the same time. This method of planting is known as “puddling in.”

Keep the area weed free and water during dry spell. Create a longer white stem by gently pushing soil around the stem at ground level to keep the light out. This is not necessary though and is personal preference.


You can harvest and eat the leeks from early Autumn right through the winter.

Leave them in the ground and use as needed. Gently loosen from the ground using a garden fork. Brenda, one of our gardeners, has been known to pull them out of frosty soil with a hot kettle.

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