How To Grow Lettuce

How to grow green lettuce
How to grow red lettuce in a garden


Lettuce is a great vegetable to grow at home as you it grows almost the whole year. There are two main options; “hearting” lettuce which forms a dense heart and is picked as the whole plant, or “loose leaf” types whose leaves can be cut as needed then grow back. 

Sow from seeds or plugs directly into the soil, usually from April or May. Thin to 3 plants per square.


If you are using a Windowsill Vegetable Growing Kit to sow from seed, then please follow the instructions in the video below,



Keep sowing seeds every few weeks until June to get a constant supply of leaves. Lettuce likes to be kept in moist soil and a sunny site, try not to let it dry out or it will quickly wilt. Keep the area free of weeds.


Once the lettuces reach four or five inches tall start to pick leaves from the outside of the plant. The plant will keep growing throughout the season, do not pick more than a third of the plant at any one time.

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