How to Grow Mustard Greens


Grow mustard greens as a way to enjoy home grown salads in winter. They are similar to lettuce and spinach, but with a more spicy flavour.

Sow winter (mustard) greens in late Summer and early Autumn. This will give the plants enough growing time to get established before winter.

Sow from seeds into pots and plant them into the raised bed as space becomes available in Autumn.

How to Grow Mustard Salad Leaves


Mustard greens are grown for their tolerance to cold but you can still protect them by covering with a fleece.


Pick mustard greens in the same way as other leafy plants such as spinach and lettuce.

Pick leaves from the outside of the plant. Only take a maximum of a third of the plant at any one time to allow it to grow back.

The plant will usually  “go to seed” this means flower and set seeds, in spring, at which time they should be removed.

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