How to Grow Orange Thyme

Orange Thyme


Orange Thyme smells fantastic and tastes even better. This flavoursome herbs smells and tastes of a little citrus, like Lemon Thyme, but it is much more subtle - it is distinctly ‘Orangey’.

Plant in free draining soil as it does not like sitting in wet compost. Adding grit and additional drainage to the planting medium will result in  better growth. This easy herb can be planted somewhere sunny and then left to its own devices until you need to use it.


Prune the Thyme plant to keep it in shape but also to prevent the plant from becoming woody and leggy. Regularly cut up to the top third of the foliage to encourage new growth. Pruning to encourage positive growth is really important.


Cut the fresh stems from the top. Don’t pick more than a third of the plant at any one time to allow future pickings.

This herb is a perfect garnish to a gin cocktail or summer BBQ recipes. Sit back and enjoy this one with friends with it's unique flavour of summer.

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