How to Grow Oregano

How to grow oregano


Add Oregano to any dish for an instant taste of the Mediterranean. It can be quite slow to grow so we always supply this as a small plug plant. You can grow from seed at home but will need to germinate the seeds in a heated propagator to start them off before transplanting to a pot with fine soil.


This is a perennial so should come back in your Goody Foody Garden for more than two years.

Oregano only needs occasional watering and likes a sunny spot. The plant will produce flowers in summer which the bees love. Alternatively you can cut it back completely in mid summer and it will re-grow lovely fresh leaves. 


The stems of the plant can get thick and woody over time. Prevent this by cutting it back in spring time at the base of the plant to get fresh new stems.

To harvest the leaves for cooking, simply pinch the top leaves or if you need a lot, cut off a few stems in a bunch.

Thinking about growing your own?

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