How To Grow Peas


Grow peas from seeds and they will grow quickly and reliably.

Sow seeds (which are actually just dried peas), in a raised bed from the end of March or April. Plant them about an inch deep. Sow a row every few weeks, if you have space, until June. This will spread out the crop over the summer.



Peas grow quickly and don’t need much maintenance. They reliably produce pods of peas in as little as twelve weeks.

Support the peas to climbing vegetable using garden canes. Make a simple tripod by pushing three canes into the ground and tying them together at the top. 'Tie in' the stems as they grow by tying a bit of string around the main stem to attach it to the cane. This will encourage the peas to climb. The plant will produce flowers and the pea pods then grow from behind the flower.


Regularly check on the peas once they start to produce pods. They grow quickly and the pods can be easy to miss. If they are left on the plant too long the peas become starchy and unpleasant to eat. The more you pick the pods, the more will be produced.

Introduce your kids to where their food comes from with sweet peas fresh peas from the pod. 

Thinking about growing your own?

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