How to Grow Broccoli

How to grow broccoli


In the Goody Foody Gardens we grow purple sprouting broccoli. It is a slow growing vegetable that is picked in winter. It’s produces smaller stems of broccoli instead of the more familiar heads.

Purple sprouting broccoli is usually sown as seeds in small pots from May to June, and the plug plants are planted out into the raised beds once they reach about six inches/ 15cm tall. Usually not later than July to give them time to get established before Autumn.



Keep the area free of weeds and keep the plants well watered. They benefit from feeding either with a multi-purpose plant feed or by mulching the soil around the plants. Mulching means to add a layer of well rotted compost or farmyard manure. This keeps the plants moist and slowly releases food to the plants as they grow.

They are prone to attacks from caterpillars and pigeons. The best way to stop this happening is to cover the plants with insect mesh. Every Goody Foody Garden is provided with protective netting by the gardeners. 


Purple sprouting broccoli will be ready to harvest from the end of January through to March. It will grow in small stems in between the main stem and the leaves, these should be snapped off at the base to pick them.

The little florets will keep on coming, so pick them when the are an edible size and you will be rewarded with many more. 

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