How to Grow Radish

How to grow Radish


Radish grows very quickly so it’s a great crop for filling in gaps to make sure there us always something growing.

Sow radish seeds directly into the raised bed. Sow in rows about 1cm deep from late March or April. Very early sowings are possible but will need protection from the cold with a fleece. As they grow so fast it is common, if space is available, to sow a row every few weeks.


Radish will grow very quickly so it a great crop for kids to plant. It needs to be “thinned out” to allow space to for radish roots to develop. This means pulling the smaller plants out to leave a gap of about one inch between the plants.


You will know when to harvest when you can see the red tops of the radish push through the soil slightly.

Remove from the soil by firmly holding the green leafy tops and pulling gently. The whole radish will come up and once they have been harvested they are finished.

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