How to Grow Rosemary



Rosemary is another Mediterranean herb which grows well in the Scottish climate. This fragrant and tasty herb is a great addition to bread, potatoes or meat dishes (it tastes fab sprinkled over fries with some parmesan).

Plant it in a sunny spot where water drains easily and it's roots will be dry. We always supply this as a plant rather than growing from seed.


Rosemary can become woody and thick stemmed. To prevent this, cut it back after it flowers in summer and trim regularly. 

It will grow pretty blue flowers as a treat for the bees during summer.


Pick fresh sprigs of Rosemary away from the main stems when required. You can pick throughout the winter, although there won't be any regrowth until spring. 

Divide the plant into two after year two, and this perennial will keep on giving fragrant leaves for many years.

Thinking about growing your own?

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