How to Grow Spinach



Spinach is easy to grow and will provide a picking of leaves from early summer then again into autumn. It is likely to 'bolt' mid-summer.

Sow seeds in rows about 1cm deep from April. As the small seedlings start to appear they need to be “thinned out”. This means gently removing the smaller plants to make room for the remaining ones to grow. Leave 4 -6 plants per square.

If you have a Windowsill Seed Growing Kit, follow the set up instructions below.



Spinach is an amazing, fast growing plant. It will produce leaves for picking throughout the summer. Keep it watered in dry spells as it is more prone to flowering and setting seeds if allowed to dry out. Pick off any flowers if they appear to prolong the life of the plant by a few weeks. You can continue to pick it at this stage but it should be removed after this.

Cover winter varieties with fleece when it is very cold. It is unlikely that it will need watered at all during winter months. 


Pick the individual leaves from the outside leaving the new growth for later. Do not pick more than a third of the plant at any one time as this will allow the plant to grow back for future picking.

Pick winter variety in the same way. It will take longer to grow back as the days are shorter and the plants really need the light to grow.

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