How to Grow Spring Onions


Grow spring onions throughout the winter to provide a very early crop, before true onions ready.

Spring onions are grown in small clumps made by sowing a sprinkling of seeds together. Sow them in September to grow over winter and harvest in spring, just in time for the fresh salad season.

How to grow spring onions


You do not need to thin out spring onions in the same way you do carrots or radish. They will grow in a small bunch. They like to have moist but well drained soil.

You should protect them from frost and icy conditions over winter if it’s especially cold.


Spring onions should be ready early in the year.

They will have long green stems and the white bulb at the base will swell when they are ready.

Unlike regular onions they are eaten green so do not wait until the leaves turn yellow.

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