How to Grow Turnip

Purple Topped Turnip


Purple topped turnips are a fantastic veg to grow at home. They are super-fast growers and well-suited to the Scottish climate. 

Sow the seeds directly into the soil once all chance of frost has passed. Best sown in spring and then autumn. Avoid sowing into freshly manured soil. Sow in rows 1cm deep.


The seeds can take 2 or 3 week to get going. Once they have sprouted to around 6 cm tall, pull out the weakest seedlings so that strongest plants are 10cm apart. 


The turnips will be ready to harvest in just 6-7 weeks, once they get to 5 or 6 cm in width. The flesh is sweet and buttery, and the young leaves can be thrown into a salad.

Thinking about growing your own?

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