How to Grow Chives

Grow your own chives
Cut the chives and watch them grow

Growing Season

Sow from a small plug plant between April and October

Chives plugs are easy to grow by planting them straight into your bed until June.

2 or 3 can be planted together in a square.

Chives will grow for many years in the same piece of ground, the leaves die back each Autumn and the new sprouts start to reappear early the following year. By the second year the plants will develop purple coloured flowers which are highly attractive to bees and other pollinating insects and if left to grow to maturity will produce seeds.

As the plant matures the seed heads dry out and produce small black seeds. These can be saved by keeping them in a dry envelope to be planted the following Spring.

If you don’t collect the seeds it may self-seed either in your raised bed or if wind-blown in the surrounding area.

Harvest by cutting with scissors near the base of the plant. The more you cut, the more they will grow! Chives are an excellent space filler as you harvest other plants from the bed.