Healthy Green Living Made Easy

The perfect beginner’s vegetable bed for those 
interested in a more  sustainable lifestyle.

Goody Foody Gardens are a fun and easy way for the enthusiastic novice to learn how to grow vegetables at home. You get all the plants, seeds, and materials you need from an expert gardener, and within a matter of weeks you will be harvesting fresh produce from your own garden.

Grow your own food

No pesticides. No plastic waste. No hassle.

Say goodbye to wilted salad bags and plastic waste from the supermarket. Your vegetables can be picked for a tasty meal made from the freshest veg you can get. Completely sustainable.

Fresh from the garden

Improved health and well-being

Shop bought veg often loses it’s nutritional value while it’s being stored and processed. Growing and eating fresh veg means you get more of those health boosting nutrients, including antioxidants and vitamins. Growing vegetables is a great way to stay mindful and relieve  stress.

Grow your own vegetables at home

Reduced carbon footprint

Growing your own vegetables and herbs is good for the planet. It means less fossil fuel is used on transporting produce from overseas and trips to the supermarket. This is the easy way to get fresh veg on your doorstep.

Hands on Support

Hands-on support 

We’ve all killed our fair share of house plants. Not to worry, you can book one of our friendly gardeners to come back to maintain your bed with your choice of top-ups from our seasonally selected veg range.

“We love having the gardener face to face visits. I also enjoy the What’s App group discussions. It keeps it all front of mind, hands on and in conversation.”

—Caroline, Glasgow

1. You choose the veg for your garden bed

You choose from our range of lovely fresh vegetables and herbs to go in your custom built Goody Foody Garden Bed. We will email the list when you book, along with a suggested seasonal planting plan.

2. We show you how
to grow sustainable veg

Tell us when you want the bed to be installed. Our friendly, local gardener delivers and plants your garden bed, while teaching you how to keep those beautiful, fresh veggies growing nicely. (Installs from Spring).

3. Enjoy the freshest veg you can get

You get to grow and eat fresh, homegrown vegetables. No chemical pesticides, no plastic waste, no hassle. Every plant comes with instructions, or ask anything on WhatsApp.

4. Friendly support to keep you growing

Book the gardeners to keep you topped up with regular maintenance and new plants, while giving you tips, support and ideas through our online community of growers just like you. 

Ready to start growing healthy, sustainable veg?

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Got some questions?

Give Laura a call, she’s probably harvesting a batch of nice juicy carrots as we speak but give her a minute and she’ll be happy to call you right back.

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Laura Molloy - Goody Foody Gardener