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Hi! I’m Laura, mum of three, owner of two small businesses and living a hectic life.

I started Goody Foody Gardens to give busy families, just like yours, everything they need to grow their own fresh veg. We provide everything you need including expert help from friendly, local gardeners. This is the magic ingredient that makes all the difference to your grow your own experience. Happy growing!

Laura Molloy

Straight from your garden bed to your plate

Say goodbye to wilted salad bags and plastic waste from the supermarket. Your vegetables can be picked for a tasty meal made from the freshest veg you can get.


Feed their minds and their tummies

As your plants grow, and the kids pick what they will eat, they get a unspoken understanding of where their food comes.

How to Grow Mustard Salad Leaves

Hands-on support right from the start

We’ve all killed our fair share of house plants. Not to worry, you can book one of our friendly gardeners to come back to maintain your bed and top-up with selected seasonal veg from our range.

“Whole thing is fab. The box, the variety, how much the kids love it - not to mention the gorgeous veg labels. Can’t wait for it all to grow!”

—Julie Cameron, Giffnock, Glasgow

1. You choose the veg for your garden bed

You choose from our range of lovely fresh veggies and herbs to go in your custom built Goody Foody Garden Bed.

2. We show you how
to grow

Our friendly, local gardener delivers and plants your garden bed. Next they teach your family how to keep those beautiful, fresh veggies growing nicely.

3. Enjoy the freshest veg you can get

Your family get to grow and eat their very own fresh, homegrown veg. No nasty chemical pesticides, no plastic waste, no hassle.

4. Friendly support to keep you growing

The gardeners keep you topped up with regular maintenance and new plants, while giving you tips, support and ideas through our online community of growers just like you.

Ready to join our family of happy growers?

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Got some questions?

Give Laura a call, she’s probably harvesting a batch of nice juicy carrots as we speak but give her a minute and she’ll be happy to call you right back.

07790 994 981
[email protected]

Laura Molloy - Goody Foody Gardener