Split Payments Available

Maintenance Visits



Maintain your Goody Foody Garden with helpful assistance from our friendly gardeners. They will sow the latest seasonal products, carry out seasonal tasks and help you to maintain the bed while you continue to learn. Maintenance visits can help you to open and close the bed for the year, prepare for the coming season, and keep you motivated!


Product Features

Maintenance Visit with Seasonal Plant Set
General maintenance, weeding and seasonal tasks
Installation of latest seasonal plants with colourful plant markers
Goody Foody Growing guide
One to one advice (available after lockdown)
Appointment scheduling (available after lockdown)
Maintenance Visit
General maintenance, weeding and seasonal tasks
No seasonal plants
No growing guide
Online advice
Appointments not scheduled

Spring Plant Set

  • Legumes: Peas and dwarf French beans with 6 support canes
  • Leafy greens: Mix of 1 or 2 from spinach, kale, celery
  • Salads: Mix of 2 from chard, red lettuce, mixed Asian
  • Roots: Radish and beetroot
  • Herbs: Mix of at least 2 from parsley, oregano, thyme or chives

Availability of seeds and seedlings is liable to change. You will always receive a mix of each of the above. Where an item is not available, another item from the same set will be increased.