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Autumn Seasonal Plant Set


Enjoy fresh veggies straight from your garden through Autumn and into 2021. We plant according to the seasons. Check the table below to see what we have available between now and October 2020.

Why not book a maintenance visit for a complete overhaul of your Goody Foody Garden with lots of advice from our friendly gardeners?

Remember you can split the payments over two months to spread the cost. Click ‘split payment’ at the checkout.


Autumn Plant Set

As the growing season slows down from October onwards, we will be planting over-wintering vegetables and preparing the soil for the winter ahead.

All installations and maintenance visits will include the following;

  • Roots/ bulbs
    • Garlic bulbs (available Sept for harvest July 2021)
    • Onions bulbs (available Sept for harvest July 2021)
  • Leafy Greens
    • Kale plugs (harvest over winter)
  • Fertiliser
    • Farmyard manure (well rotted)
  • 30g horticultural fleece

Gardeners carrying out maintenance visits will top up Kale to provide you with winter greens for use in soups, stews, smoothies and salads. They will also add fertilizer to the soil (farmyard manure) and provide you with a 30g horticultural fleece to protect crops from frost.

Visits are an excellent chance to ask your expert gardener lots of questions on how to maintain your Goody Goody Garden.

Installations come with 2 visits as standard.

Get the latest seasonal plants

Our seasonal plant range changes throughout the year. Please complete the form below and we will notify you when we have a new range of seasonal plants in.